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Update on Patrick Minato

A few newsletter ago we shared the story of Patrick Minato’s ordination.  Recently I (Larry) was interviewed for a podcast about Pastor Minato and his ordination.  Follow the link below to listen to that podcast.  You will also find other interesting podcasts and stories on the new lcms missions website:


Update on Pastor Patrick Minato

You may remember the story in a recent newsletter about Pastor Minato’s ordination.  Larry had the privilege of being at his church when he performed his first baptism since his ordination.  What joy he had as he sprinkled the water and spoke God’s Word over them!  It was also a blessing tor receive the Lord’s Body and Blood that day with the saints at Concordia Lutheran Church in Korobosea (Port Moresby).   Below are some pictures from that special day.


Jordan Lutheran Church

Here are a few more pictures from Larry’s visit to Jordan Lutheran Church.  The final picture is from when the car had broken down.  We are thankful for the help!


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